The Team


Iza Gilson

Born in far away Poland, Iza moved to Campbell River over 30 years ago and never looked back. She's been providing IT support in this area for all of this time, mostly as a self-employed consultant. She came to know many wonderful people, lots of whom became friends over time.

IZCO Technology Solutions is her latest endeavor. She feels very lucky to have teamed up with her business partner, Corey – and that is how IZCO was born.

They both share a passion for new technology and helping people which they believe is a recipe for success in today’s technology field.

Iza handles most of the sales and keeps our service department somewhat on track. She has also been known to do the occasional support call (which is in fact her favorite part of the job).

The rare time that Iza is not working, she loves to hike, read and cook.

Corey Magowan

Corey Magowan has worked in Information Technology since 1999.  One of his first jobs was making sure the lights would stay on January 1, 2000.  Corey met Iza in 2012 and has been working with her ever since.

Corey has worked supporting corporate environments with servers and workstations, helped develop custom software, been a database administrator for Microsoft SQL, maintained Dynamics, when it was owned by Great Plains.  He is also familiar with smaller one to ten person setups and the challenges those might present.

Corey has been living in Campbell River since 2008, when he moved here with his young family.  When Corey isn’t working, you can usually find him somewhere in the backwoods walking his dog or riding his bike.


Dave Shook

Born in Toronto, with a stint in Ottawa, Dave grew up on the South Shore of Montreal.  After finishing his Bachelor of Science at Concordia University in Montreal, he came west in 1975, and obtained his MBA at UBC in Vancouver.  He fell in love with BC and has stayed living on the island for the last 45 years or so.

Dave became a partner in Odyssey Computers in 1990 and moved from Victoria to Campbell River with Odyssey Computers in 1997.  In 2019, he and his partners sold Odyssey Computers to the folks at Izco Technology Solutions. Now he gets to do what he enjoys most – help the people of Campbell River by fixing their computers for them.  Dave is now the main Bench Technician in the Shop here at Izco Technology Solutions.


Jonathan Pistone

At IZCO Technology Solutions, Jonathan is our Network/Project Guy. You can find him looking after our clients’ networks, while providing expert support.

Born in Los Angeles USA, he moved with his family to Nanaimo, BC, when he was seven. Since then, he’s never strayed far from Vancouver Island, except for some adventures here and there.

While his schooling started in electrical engineering, Jonathan's passion for networking, servers, and everything in-between lead him to working in the IT industry for the past 17 years.

Out of the office, Jonathan enjoys walking his dog along the Sea Walk, hiking out to waterfalls, or mountain biking at Snowden Forest.

Chad Laity

Chad Laity

Chad's bio coming soon.


Adam Leighton

Adam is our technician who sets up new computers, creates new email addresses, new users, completes data transferring, does on site delivery, remote help and more.

Although he was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Adam spent most of his childhood in Ontario. He moved to Campbell River in 2016- which is now the place he calls home.

Adam has always been interested in electronics, and knew he wanted to work in this field.  When he was young, his dad built his own radio, which was very fascinating for him. After piquing his interest, he built his first computer in 2019 and knew this line of work was for him!


Liz Mackay

Liz is our Office Administrator. Her many roles include greeting customers, preparing custom quotes, purchasing, doing the bookkeeping, and watering the plants.

After growing up in Campbell River and graduating from UVic, Liz spent time in Victoria and Calgary supporting health care leaders. She recently moved home to live and play by the ocean.

Outside of work Liz likes to garden, hang out with her husband and dogs, go thrifting, and read books.

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If your computers and network are slowing you down, we can help. By running diagnostics and optimizing your operating system and apps we'll determine the cause, provide efficient and economic solutions and get the job done with minimal disruption to your workflow.