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IZCO TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS is a local IT solutions provider. IZCO is the only IT company in Campbell River that offers services to businesses as well as individuals. We service North Island area from Courtenay to Port Hardy. We provide full range of computer services – from hardware and software sales to IT project design, emergency IT support, networking, IT disaster planning and managed services.

We take the time to listen to your needs in IT and make it our mission to make your systems run smoothly and stay easy to use. Our commitment to act as your business's integrated IT department ensures our clients receive prompt, effective service with the least amount of downtime.

At IZCO we specialize in finding you a technology solution that allows you to focus on your business rather than the technology that supports it.

Serving Campbell River, North Vancouver Island, remote areas and customers Canada-wide.

Using Remote Support, we're able to provide our unparalleled IT services to more clients than ever before. We understand the unique challenges of living and working in remote communities and are pleased to bring a high level of expertise to keep your computers up to date.

Professional IT services and computer support for all Vancouver Island communities: Port Hardy, Holberg, Coal Harbour, Port McNeill, Telegraph Cove, Port Alice, Woss, Sayward, Quadra Island, Cortes Island, Zeballos, Tahsis, Gold River, Oyster River, Black Creek, Merville, Courtenay, Comox Valley, Cumberland, Mount Washington and beyond...

serving Vancouver Island

OUR COMMITMENT: To be your IT department

We will work hard to make you our top priority. Let us help you build a reliable, secure, and cost effective IT solution for your office.

Izco is proud to be participate with numerous local charities and organizations.

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Odyssey Computers
IZCO owners Iza Gilson and Corey Magowan pose with their new team after a merger with Odyssey Computers in Campbell River.

On September 1st, 2019, Campbell River’s longest running IT business, Odyssey Computers merged with IZCO Technology Solutions. The merger promises the continuation of an already solid customer service reputation and track record, plus reassures existing and new customers that there will be updated technological offerings in products and delivery.

“We’ve put our heart and soul into Odyssey for thirty two years and we’re delighted to see our business merge with IZCO,” explains long-time owner Sue Johnson. “It’s time to let IZCO drive the bus with new energy and we look forward to working with them through the transition period.”
Odyssey Computers opened its doors in 1987 and developed a strong service reputation, while maintaining value and relevance through its last 32 years of operation. With the ownership group looking to reduce workload in recent years, IZCO offered a proposal to merge the businesses and retain staff looking to move forward with the new, expanded business.
“We feel like the new kids on the block in Campbell River,” says Iza Gilson, co-owner of IZCO Technological Solutions. “IZCO has over 30 years of IT experience, but only five of those years have been in the local region. We’ve worked closely with Odyssey since 2015 and realized that a great opportunity exists to merge the strengths and extensive expertise of both businesses.”
Long-time Odyssey customers will be pleased to hear that all the staff, including the ownership team, will continue to work for the merged company. This provides continuity and the same friendly, familiar faces that clients are used to.
“This is the merger of two highly compatible firms that hold very similar values and philosophies on how to do business. Both organizations provide excellent customer service, bring a positive attitude to work, are very responsive and operate with an emphasis on honesty and integrity,” adds Gilson.
IZCO plans to provide the same IT services currently offered by both IZCO and Odyssey. In addition to working on IT solutions for small to medium sized businesses, the merged company will continue to provide IT support and hardware and software solutions for a wide range of personal and business applications.
“We are your one-stop-shop for all IT solutions,” explains IZCO co-owner, Corey Magowan. “We can manage and design full IT setups and provide both short and long-term service, provide all forms of emergency IT support, we handle computer networking for companies of all sizes, IT disaster planning plus IT hardware and software solutions.”
IZCO will be moving to the Odyssey office location at 780E 13th Ave in Campbell River at the end of September. Starting October 1st, business hours will be Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. The merged company will continue to serve customers in the Campbell River region and the North Island all the way to Port Hardy. Through September, both businesses will be operating business as usual at their current locations.
“We’re looking forward to the transition and move to the new location next month. We’re currently working on plans to further improve the way we serve our loyal customer base,” says Gilson. “We’re proud to serve the local community that we work, play and live in and we will advise our customers in the future if any changes will be taking place.”
“We’re very happy that our loyal customers will remain in good hands with IZCO taking the reins, and we’re also pleased that all staff will remain employed by the merged company,” adds Johnson.
IZCO Technological Solutions has been serving Campbell River and the North Island for the last five years. With over 50 years of IT experience between the ownership team, the firm is pleased to join forces with the long-established Odyssey Computers. The operation provides a wide range of IT services, hardware and software solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Developing a personal connection and establishing a high level of trust are key philosophies that guide operations on a daily basis. For more information, head to
Odyssey Computers can be reached at 250-287-3311 or toll free at 1-800-773-3823.

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If your computers and network are slowing you down, we can help. By running diagnostics and optimizing your operating system and apps we'll determine the cause, provide efficient and economic solutions and get the job done with minimal disruption to your workflow.